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Guitarmonk Reviews by Corporate company employees

“First, I would like to thank Guitarmonk, especially Kapil S, who really encourage me and my colleague to learn guitar at this level. Kapil has a great vision about music and we appreciate his steps towards it. He is very passionate and energetic about job and he can literally create interest when someone joins him, this is called magic of music. Guitarmonk is doing good job which helps in removing corporate stress and pressure, apart from this we have learned guitar in such a good manner that we are now playing different songs on our own. This has happened for the practice and sessions of 3 months. It’s simply great”

Kamal Kant (HCL)

“An ultimate learning experience – All my office worries and tensions go away when I am in class. Tremendous training from Mr. Kapil”

Sharad (HCL)

Best part of them is that they knows each and every aspect of pain areas of Learners of guitar and now you have institute to make you learn guitar.

Deepak Arora, Manager Technical Support at (Sage Software India)