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Reviews from outside India


Namaskar Kapil, I am inspired by your work. I listen to your music on a daily basis because it is very unique and has a very powerful positive vibration unlike what most of our contemporary musicians are doing. What you are doing is making the best use of the instruments and your musical skills and producing music that is not only pleasing to the mind but also very invigorating.  Your music compositions are what I sometimes refer to as soulful/angelic music. It is so different to what many musicians are producing that i have termed demonic music, which is very destructive to the very listeners and is resulting in such a lawless society. People don’t understand both the positive and negative effects of music and how the very music they listen to impacts on their way of life. Please continue to produce music that your country once produced using aspects of the contemporary genres that is beneficial to our present day societal needs. God has entrusted that musical gift onto you for the development of humanity and you should continue to fulfill these goals, good luck. Keep up the good work.

Satnaraine Baboolal (Music Scholar, West Indies)


I have heard and liked it very much. Keep up the great work of trying to send your inspiration abroad. I am going to keep listening to your awesome music and waiting to see more to come. Good luck to your future classes that will be in the US and future promotions

Loving all the inspirational Music, Thank you and keep up the good work.‎

Robin, (Guitarmonk Records Music Fan), FLORIDA, USA


New Era in Music industry – A Quality…‎‎ Guitar Monk is an Institute where Musicians & Instruments are complemented to each other’s Association. Their training Programs are good. First time in India a Music gets Associated with an institute & a Brand is revolved. I completely like the Logo of Guitar Monk Waiting for Guitar Monk to launch its Merchandise so that I can grab few… This is a Innovative Concept it should spread all over India on Phase 1 & Globally on Phase 2 At last Music industry gets a institute dedicated only to Instruments & Music. Their Corporate Training Programs are one of the Best they have well trained Ustad who never get tired. Wishing Guitar Monk, Its Students & Its Team a Many Success in the coming years

Prabha Shankar (Guitarmonk Records Music FAN), GENEVA


Guitarmonk‎‎ music is from heart, is how it is taught, the taught music with heart, with feelings. Kapil Guitarmonk and teach, every feeling that mankind need, is taught through the music. Congratulations!‎  The work that you develop with this is a gift that you have, the philosophy of Guitarmonk is, as I say, beautiful. Congratulations on your work and talent.

CIS DIAS, (Guitarmonk Records Music Fan), BRAZIL


A big hand for Guitar Monk, – I am really pleased that someone stood up to make a change. In this busy world we live in, most people are just after earning a few bucks and taking off with their newly-found careers. What’s the difference? I think this is what most people are missing out. And this is where Guitar Monk has risen to the top. He shares his passion for music and helps tap the potential that each of us have in the field of music. His approach is very innovative and upbeat. And the best thing is that he tries to tailor fit the programs according to the students’ needs, ability and pace. And he also helps enrich and preserve the culture and music of India. Kapil is a great guitar master and you definitely shouldn’t miss the chance of learning music through the ever humble Guitar Monk. I wish you more success and please continue spreading love and unity around the world through your music. Guys see for you what Kapil and the rest of the gang has to offer. It’s your time to shine