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Inspiration behind Online Music Programs

Guitarmonk has started online distance learning programs (DLP) for the 1st time in the history of India to bridge gaps of effective learning. Moreover these courses are also offered in Mother Tongue Language i.e. Hindi.

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Philosophy behind the Distance Learning Online Programs

There are several reasons, most importantly in context of India, regarding the weak music education. We have stated several factors, a number of times, in same context which majorly includes –

1.    Lack of professional knowledge by mentors and teachers in remote territories. Music has been so far understood as an unstable profession. This is one of the major factor that music learning and music teaching is unprofessional. No parent invest upon serious music learning, no investor invest upon serious music academy. And the gap rebuilds half knowledge for teachers. The learning demand has risen but supply is awaited.

2.    Absence of systematic training method, organized college that takes on these regular doubts and requirements of students as well as trainers. Music is a value first and then business and i.e. why investors are least interested to invest upon music schools. This is a profession for music lovers, creativity lovers and foreseers.

3.    International universities are too biased and expensive in two domains i.e. 1) curriculum (purely gospel songs, never heard by Indians) and 2) expensive certification business. That is again not touching masses. India is a market to them and those technocrats are dangerous to Indian musicians and music spirits.

4.    Very handful competent music teachers are ready to serve. Music is more of a status symbol so major focus by those who teach and know music is to share them in specific target earning or glamorous areas. It is also neither not possible for them to be available for everyone who needs them nor are they interested.

5.    Absence of scope, counseling, right path for those who are music passionate (Read More>>)

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