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Dear Guitar Lover,

As education mentors and counselors for more than a decade, we found and realized that there are many sincere guitar music lovers who because of their inch-packed schedule, flexible work routines couldn’t make their aspiration of learning guitar into reality. Instead, many of them tried even but had to leave it in the middle or some of them had to compromise with whatsoever they get around thereby resulting it either leaving this dream as future plan (which in most cases never come) or you can choose to achieve it in a time bound manner in an organized and systematical way. And the answer to that is join Guitarmonk’s Premium Online Portal

But just joining to learn guitar online won’t suffice. We receive several emails from students across worldwide, who are learning guitars for many months/years and ask us for specific tips on and off. They write us 250 to 500 words of an email and further spend hours on internet finding guitar materials without any result. Sometimes we feel depress and helpless as one of ours worst experience is when we came across a girl student email, whose finger were in pain but her teacher had no idea about why it’s happening for last many months. You can relate the passion of the girl, her months of time on it and the outcome. It’s demotivating for the industry itself.

Guitarmonk has put Industry’s best guitarists & musicians team to create viable guitar learning solutions so that one shouldn’t feel any learning gap rather it should be more effective and rewarding, the learning that can help you learn guitar online in the easiest and most economical way.

Plethora of Videos, topics and further features as forum, online discussion, Homework/Assignments and much more to build your guitar technical development base.

Some of the topics are even amalgamated in Hindi-English Language to make it more compatible.

Currently Guitarmonk Serving 2 online courses:

  1. Online Beginner’s Program
  2. Ragas on Guitar

For further relative information to learn guitar online, email at