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Frequently Asked Question, Music Counseling

What’s the Guitarmonk Catch in Education?         

The first and the foremost is “We are specialized in Guitar’ that what this genre and cult is all about ‘Guitar’ + ‘Monk’. The huge and decade of homework in almost every genre and domain of guitar is what give us width and depth to cover any aspect of student and guitar education.

From Guitar Employment, Guitar Publishing, Guitar Teacher Training, Guitar Courses ranging from Online to Offline, Guitarmonk has benchmarked and opened pavement for every new guitar lover who used to think, one cannot emerge secured, stable and complete as a guitarist.

It’s our duty to reflect upon few points for your reference –

An organized Guitarmonk Curriculum – There is none curriculum across globe so far in our knowledge, where even exercises are also defined. It was our duty to bind reasons of student’s physical and mental growth.

India’s Guitar contribution to the world – Our guitar research has produced and gifted a genre of ‘Ragas on Guitar’ to the world. Plenty students worldwide are enjoying this education online

Performance of our mentors in Bollywood. – It’s not the do’s but don’ts that one should know. Mentors are just like who started from zero and know the stepping stones of a student from a zero to a Bollywood stage. What more a student should expect?

Guitarmonk – India’s First Formal Guitar School

Winner of State Award as Best Guitar Trainers. Having produced more than 22 Music Albums, Guitarmonk is a 360 Degree Music Concept with its record label, publishing and chain of guitar schools is also regarded as India’s largest music social movement

  • Winner of State Award – Best Guitar Trainers
  • 22 Music Albums
  • 15 Music Publishing
  • A 360 Degree Music Concept
  • Guitarmonk Corporate – India’s Leading Corporate Music Affiliate
  • 3000 + Music Students

How we cover 4 Grades in a year?   

First of all Grade terminology is a mis-understood terminology and concept. Let us clear the reality for everyone of us. What is a general Grade book? It’s a general curriculum book, comprising of 8-10 tunes notations book published by an unknown, un recognized, un-parametered International publisher and author and imported in India at a very high price. With an examination perspective as a correspondence system to register unlimited student in diversified cities, is none other but a commercial practice, with none exercise and system to teach, none teacher, is not a Grade System in our eye.

  • Where is the Teacher? Who is the Teacher? Where is the Teaching System?
  • And on what parameters and Technical Development Process, what are the exercises that will build a student? Where it will take him, where is the index and order of growth of students? What Independence he/she will achieve?
  • Is there any video support? Is there any counseling support? Is there any Scope after the course?      And much more…

There are a plethora of questions that one must ask before seeking a competent learning in music. We are addressing this topic to safeguard the interest of Indian mass and exposing the facts and truth for all of us.

We are not referring or dealing with such grades. A collection of 8-10 tunes in a booklet which rotates across world through a distribution channel, had done much damage to capture the Indian innocent phony class who are looking for these certification and none development and can’t penetrate much due to absence of knowledge. We advise them to search a single student,  who is learning with that system and is able to perform in even 5 years or half a decade. This is a fact from our experience and registration of those student who come to us after learning years with a very little development. That’s the most painful part, they have given so much of hard work and time but with not even 1/4th result.

A music education system is much different from learning a grade and this is the difference we want everyone to note as –

At Guitarmonk – You get a System to Teach | High Quality and Experienced Mentor | Curriculum to Teach | Technical Development Curriculum/Report | Exposure of  Student to Performance i.e. . Guaranteed performance| Video/Audio Support | Repertoires |        Guidance/Counseling | and much more..!

At Guitarmonk – You begin with an End in Mind | You know in advance what/where you will be | You become Independent and adaptive | You learn process rather tunes

and lastly we only cater Limited Seats    

How many students are in Guitarmonk?

Guitarmonk has taught more than 3000 students since last 3 years. Guitarmonk is further inducting E-learning programs to cater students at diversified locations globally. Refer programs by guitarmonk at

On what criteria we charge the fee?

A. Guitarmonk is maintaining the same free structure for the last 3 years.

B. We charge fee on the cost-value ratio based on our venue infra, teacher salary, and courseware expenses for the prime maintenance factor. The prime focus for guitarmonk is to offer a playing approach in student and to focus more on quality recognition, facilitations, tangible improvements rather business earning concept. Its goal is to emerge as globally recognized quality learning model and qualified university. The pioneer concept merged with the ability to stand and afford itself by being independent.

What other facilities are provided in guitarmonk?

  1. We motivate our student with guitar competition in every grade.
  2. We provide organized courseware to assist our student in systemized study.
  3. The courseware is designed by topmost professionals of industry and qualified artists with quality time-frame, planning and research.
  4. Guitarmonk expose its students to recording studio environment to understand/perceive professional working culture.
  5. It supports students who like to venture in performance or/ and form their band. Guitarmonk supports all those students and opens up placement opportunities for them.
  6. Guitarmonk programs are both for hobby learners and serious students who like to venture into music industry as professional guitarist.
  7. Guitarmonk organizes information sessions, recreation workshop, summer/ winter vacation workshops for corporate and schools.
  8. Guitarmonk further provide home tuition facility in Delhi and NCR.
  9. Other features of GM education:

o   Instrument Facility at all venues and classrooms.

o   Free courseware books+ CD issued to all students.

o   Practice sessions/cabins for students who wants more.

o   Scholarship and gifts to motivate sincere students.

o   Special discounts on purchase of music instrument for students through our Distribution units.

o   50% discount on CDs and albums produces by GM Records. (Available at all Planet M and Music World Stores) only for our students.

o   It further bringing creative features and policies for our students.

 Guitarmonk – A Guitar Cult..!

Guitarmonk’ is the leading brand name, a 360 degree music concept, and one of India’s largest music social movements.

Guitarmonk is the pioneer, 1st formal Guitar College in India, state awarded in year 2007, with specialization in Guitar, produced more than 22 music albums, 15 music books and diversified certification and music programs for the masses.  .

Guitarmonk famous concept and sister units includes – Just Dial Music, Pianomonk, Ras Rang, GM Records, Guitarmonk Corporate & MusiKonnect.

Guitarmonk also recognized as India’s largest music social movements and led more than 100 events in last two years including numerous philanthropic activities and national movements covered by media across India.

Guitarmonk USP

  • Winner of State Award 2007 – Best Guitar Trainers
  • Synthesized curriculum where even exercises are also defined
  • Back up Video Forum | Trained Mentors | Performance outcome etc.
  • Offered Global Genre to the world as Ragas on Guitar
  • Recognized by Federation of Schools, Rotary Club, Ministry of Health, Delhi Government, Health, Education and Chief Ministers, New Delhi.
  • Produced 22 Music Albums. Jury included National Awarded Artist including Ustad Sultan Khan, Padam Shree Sumitra Guha, Padam Bhushan Pt. Debu Chaudhuri etc.
  • Offered music Employment Model – a guitar industry milestone
  • India’s largest music social movement, sponsoring and networking all social causes for the welfare of society
  • India’s largest music corporate affiliate – with successful corporate relationships. | | facebook