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Guitar Classes in Preet Vihar

guitar classes in preet vihar

Guitar Classes in Preet Vihar

In this video Samrat (guitarmonk student) taking guitar classes in Preet Vihar, East Delhi shares his experience of guitar learning and his struggles in searching guitarmonk. He spent one year of his life, missing the foundation learning in guitar and then his search for guitarmonk started.

Samrat is one of the real music passionates of guitarmonk Preet Vihar guitar school. Who despite his failures in guitar learning for 1 year, grew his passion in guitar and it became his burning desire. He mentions his feelings about the learning approach at the guitar  institute in Preet Vihar specifically about the coordination of students and teacher. Importance of jamming between students and the scientific approach of training at guitarmonk. He is taking his guitar classes in Preet Vihar, one of East Delhi locations.

He spoke his heart out by stating that he has been to various guitar institutes in Delhi to fulfill his dream of properly learning guitar. There he found that they were mainly focusing on mugging some chords and some songs which they stretched it for several months. Even after spending both time and money there he couldn’t see himself as independent in moving ahead. Then his journey stumbled upon at guitarmonk which helped him in getting his love for guitar.

Check out more in his own words:

We invite sincere guitar aspirants to connect us to strengthen their foundation learning by having guitarmonk guitar classes in Preet Vihar, East Delhi.