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Musical Gifts – Guitar Classes Kirti Nagar

Musical Gifts for Guitar Students in Kirti Nagar, West Delhi

John Lennon once said, “Music is everybody’s possession. It’s only publishers who think people own it. “

Guitar Classes in Kirti Nagar

In reality, Music is a free flowing energy that each of us should be enjoying, until commercialism took control of it. That’s why many of us think that to be able to enjoy music, we have to spend a fortune to keep this passion burning. Despite this, we took a brave act to change this notion by providing Musical Gifts – Guitar Classes Kirti Nagar branch and since then been reaching out to the talented, but less fortunate music lovers in the country. We have been spreading the coverage of guitar strings to connect the learners, the mentors and the instruments in congruity. With focus on education and actual experience, we offer tremendous knowledge, foundation development, expertise, opportunities and exposure in Guitar Education. Kapil Srivastava, founder Guitarmonk, is with a mission of connecting communities by making music available to everyone through music participation, where people from different walks in life are encouraged to express themselves through guitar rhythm, melody and harmony and to eventually develop a lifelong association with music.

Well, wishes do come true! And this year, some prayers were answered and wishes granted for some lucky students for Musical Gifts – Guitar Classes in Kirti Nagar Branch who were selected to receive GM’s musical gifts. Ranging from scholarships, free guitars or accessories as a way of valuing the competitive and creative efforts of its learners. It is just one of the many other ways of giving out to the community as  corporate social responsibility.

Kapil Srivastava took it upon himself to initiate and devise a platform for guitar enthusiasts to enhance the motivation and exercise the passion for music, not only in India but to the rest of the world. In devotion to the rich musical culture of India,  and in upholding the historical value and importance of continuing the legacy of local music. Guitarmonk developed curriculum-based Indian Guitar courses on Ragas and Bollywood on Guitar. These courses are now being enjoyed by students in 11+ countries.

Guitarmonk’s Learning System is consists of  the following:

  1. Guitar Learning Kit
  2. Free Online Forum
  3. User-friendly facilities
  4. Feedback and Brainstorming with
  5. Certificates
  6. Projects
  7. Assessment Test
  8. Practical Performance /Recitals
  9. Opportunities for Music Participation
  10. Career guidance

This course can be a jump-start for a nobody to become a somebody. It’s a learning experience that can serve as a hobby and a career at the same time. Also, Guitarmonk is the only brand in India representing India’s Guitar Tone to the Global Guitar Community via gmtunetime, the first ever Online Guitar Channel in India that can boost an artist’s exposure to the global media.

Guitar aspirants, hobbyists and curious minds are all invited to pluck the strings and strums the guitars at Guitarmonk guitar institute in Kirti Nagar or in any GM branches near your city. Explore your inner tune and let your musical journey begin with the most successful and awarded guitar training institute in India, the Guitarmonk.