Guitar Classes in Noida

guitar classes in Noida

Guitar Classes in Noida

Guitarmonk initiated its guitar education journey from Noida in the year 2005. One of India’s first formal guitar schools, guitarmonk operated its workshops from guitar classes in Noida Sector 12, 18, 19, 26, 27, 39, 41, 50, 51, 52, 53, 55, 61, Shopprix Mall, 62, 63, 93, 125, 126 and now also operating at various strategic locations at Noida.

Guitarmonk brand is greatly appreciated and accepted at Noida by parents and students as there has been none organized institution who took education so seriously and with such persistent passion commitment. Guitarmonk operates as per its own curriculum, teaching standards and parameters.

The best part of these curriculum is that even exercises are also defined which is prevalent in none other university. Moreover trained teachers, professional exposure are the loud successful elements of guitarmonk.

Guitarmonk teaching methodology offers a practical format i.e. they make you work hard, they make you learn, they motivate, inspire, give references, audio-videos, offer personalized module, expose you to studio, bring you in competition and indeed if you are too good then empanel you in all projects/participation in social movements and even financial projects and sponsorships.

Guitarmonk workshops are oriented for premium and sincere learning students. Guitarmonk value its students and allow admissions only on sincerity basis.

Sharing one student named Mukesh experience with you who has opted for guitar classes in Noida is very happy to succeed in so many things in Guitar within 2 months of learning i.e. after joining guitarmonk, which he couldn’t do in 1 year. This is the value and benefit of structured learning. Guitarmonk method is now expanded to 10+ countries is a concept/product from India to the world, is a scientific learning and researched curriculum, method and system of learning/training for guitar aspirants. Guitarmonk – India’s leading chain of guitar schools offering specialty guitar courses and programs (Hobby & Career) both online and offline.

To know about our programs and to join guitar classes in noida either fill the contact form or email at

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