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Guitarmonk fair at West Delhi

guitar classes in west delhi

Guitarmonk fair at West Delhi

During the Hindu Festival of Lights, Guitarmonk held a Diwali Mela at one of the affluent areas in West Delhi. Janakpuri is a popular residential colony with luxury villas and residential lots with its own commercial complex hosting offices and spaces for business and government transactions. It is also known as a Colony of Parks and has become a prominent commercial hub in West Delhi.

A Music Camp was set up during Guitarmonk fair at West Delhi where Guitarmonk home artists and students demonstrated music to the delight of the thrilled residents. Guitars, albums and books were on exhibit at the Mela as GM staffs assisted hundreds of local residents with their inquiries and purchases from the Guitarmonk Guitar Institute in West Delhi. Guitarmonk fair at West Delhi continued until midnight while Guitarmonk delivered a very good sales pitch that boost the revenue from Guitarmonk subscriptions and merchandise. And of course, there were free guitar learning coupons, various prizes and fun games to keep the enjoyment flowing.

Having a Guitarmonk school in West Delhi can help students tap on their musical inclinations and build their dynamism and confidence. Let the best professional brand of the country help you materialize your dreams. Learn from Guitarmonk and start building a career for your future.

One of our student days:

‘Hi My name is Richa. Learning guitar is one of my greatest wishes right from childhood. When I heard about Guitarmonk, I decided to give myself a chance to become close to music and thanks to Guitarmonk that I have been able to realize this dream and make comprehensive style of music. And be able to recognize notes and play it myself. I’m happy.”

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