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Guitar is a Science says South Delhi student

Guitar Classes in South Delhi

Guitar is a Science says South Delhi Student

Guitarmonk student shared her musical journey with the renowned Guitar Institute in South Delhi. Let’s see how Guitarmonk helped fulfill her dreams.

“Guitarmonk South Delhi student – Student 1”

Coming from a non-musical background, I wanted to learn how to play the guitar and so I searched for the best trainer in town. When I found out about the Guitar classes in South Delhi from a friend, I quickly enrolled myself in its Complete Guitar Program.

I have joined Guitarmonk about 2 months ago and I am really glad that I am attending their Guitar Classes in South Delhi. Their teaching methods are so easy to understand. All contrary to my misconstrued impression that guitar playing is a difficult skill to achieve. In Guitarmonk, they can teach all types of learners and I am proud to be one of their students. They teach starting from the basics to the most complex details, and I know them all now. A well conducive learning environment, with open communication and interaction between the guitar trainers and the students is indeed very helpful.

“Guitarmonk South Delhi student – Student 2”

Another student stats that – I really can’t believe that I can now play my guitar proudly, despite the fact that it is one of the most difficult musical instruments to learn for me.  I am also very grateful to Mr. Kapil Srivastava for initiating Guitarmonk and giving us the opportunity to play onstage. Even just after taking my 5th and 6th guitar classes, we were already performing in public view for Vande Matram on Independence Day. It was truly an awesome experience! All of us felt as if we were celebrities as the crowd gave a hearty applause and even took photos and videos of our performance. And all these became possible because I am a student of Guitarmonk!

“Guitarmonk South Delhi student – Student 3”

Another student, Abhishek narrates that, ‘Since my childhood, I have already been fond of listening to music. A year back, I thought of learning more about the guitar. And two months into the Guitarmonk program, I already feel good about my new learnings and skills. I realized that there is actually a methodology or science in learning about guitar playing and I am positive that soon enough I can play the guitar like a pro.’

Guitar School in South Delhi (as well as all other guitarmonk schools) offers guitar batches on a first come, first served basis. And so, admissions at each territory are fixed per batch and prior scheduled for one year.

It is advised that interested guitar aspirant should contact at to books its seat in the batch, to know more about happening guitar classes in South Delhi.