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8 education facts from 2005 – 2015

Following are the 8 education facts from 2005 – 2015 about guitarmonk: 1.      Re-registration turnout is 90-100% – Guitarmonk re-registration turnout is 90% and above. Students who become part of Guitarmonk, re-connects Guitarmonk and completes 100% of their learning. They become independent and with life-long treasure of knowledge. 2.      Consistent Growth Trend since last […]

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Economical Guitar Classes fee

GUITARMONK – ECONOMICAL GUITAR CLASSES FEE (PRIVILEGED SEATS) Sometimes enquiries show concern about Guitarmonk fee but the reality is that ‘WE HAVE THE MOST ECONOMICAL GUITAR CLASSES FEE IN INDIA’. They confuse and compare paying monthly vs. paying for whole year learning. Rs. 300/ hour approximately with plethora of facilities – Guitarmonk charge Rs. 300/hour approximately as […]

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