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Guitarmonk association with Kotak Mahindra Bank

Guitarmonk association with Kotak aMhindra Bank

Meetings/deadlines/rising expectations/pressure to perform/employee turnovers/business trips and a lot morecan cause stress and anxiety to employees.

Relaxation/Stress management is an indispensable consideration for a company and its employees. And role of music in employees’ engagement is the best way where the total wellness of the workforce has to be taken care of. A notable reduction on tardiness, absenteeism and grievances or attrition, plus enhanced quality of work, performance and improved team interaction are at stake once the need to de-stress has been condoned.

Guitarmonk has been conducting guitar workshops for Kotak Mahindra Bank employees, across various branches in North India which includes employees right from bank manager to customer care executive.

Several research findings have proven that practicing music improves the office workers’ mood, making them happier and relaxed. It enables them to become more enthusiastic and inspired to come to work. Thus, boosts the creativity and productivity in the workplace. When employees feel calm and relaxed while working

We are happy to have guitarmonk association with Kotak Bank which has been a great experience for bank employees who spoke their heart out and shown their delight towards having such pioneer experience of their life and that too music inside bank premises.

Guitarmonk also give specialized therapeutic ambiance music for office premises as well as ATMs to create & maintain positive vibes while working.

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