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Music Education Research – Kids Commitment to Guitar


Kids Commitment to Guitar

June 2015 – Guitarmonk R & D | Survey of Less than 10-years students

Guitar has captured kid’s mind-space unlike before. Today kids are actually committed to play guitar as compared to earlier times and put in hard-work to make it sound right.

If you meet these 7-8 years old Kids at guitarmonk you will be amazed to see the talent they posses and dexterity at which they play a lots of tunes. They are just fabulous in rendering of guitar and it is just like easy to them.

Video Bytes of Students less than 10 Years

Some of the motivation points for these kids are to feel like a star as every rock star, hero-heroines use guitar.

music for kids-1

“It is our privilege to have taught them with righteous basic foundation of music and guitar. And now sky is the limit for them to explore guitar and music along with their studies and develop their personalities to a much higher level in a holistic way” – says Kapil Srivastava (Founder, Guitarmonk)

music for kids-2

We also congratulate their parents who took this decision to teach them guitar at this young age.

music for kids-319 to 25 % Rise in Girls Participation in Guitar (2011 to 2015).

Guitarmonk is doing unique surveys & observation on Music & Guitar. Stay connected.

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