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For Investors – No Risk, No Franchise Fee

Guitarmonk Schools expanding to 30 cities by 2020






Guitarmonk schools expanding to 30 cities by 2020

Guitarmonk setting harmony in the commercial world 

An opportunity with futuristic vision- can be rightly said for the investment model that Guitarmonk has created to invite investors from all over the country as a part of its nation-wide plan, Guitarmonk Club. At a business expo held at The Ashok, investors came from vivid markets to explore the opportunity.

Available for only a few investors, this opportunity aims to rope in one promoter per city and in totality targets to get 50 promoters across 50 major cities of the country. To Know more fill in the contact form below

For those who can’t drive without music on, for those who combat stress with music, for those who find solace in their musical collection, for those who live music and for those who want to make music their living, Guitarmonk is the best opportunity.

Guitarmonk, the top music brand in the country, having the only dedicated and committed specialized chain of Guitar Schools, and with its well researched & well-settled business model all geared up to expand to 30 Indian cities from 8 present cities by 2020.

Guitarmonk locations are now at all zones of Delhi along with its nearby cities of Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, Noida and far off cities as Dehradun, Meerut, Panipat, Hyderabad and Ludhiana.

With its experience of over a decade and with more than 5000 registered students as happy customers of its brand in last 10 years. Guitarmonk is very well branded and marketed entity having its presence in 14 countries as online and recognition from 3 ministries and various corporate.

The Guitarmonk Club enjoys the first mover advantage in its domain with its easy accessibility at every zone, which provides entertainment, recreation along with contribution towards building a healthy, aesthetic, educated, culturally aware and social lifestyle.

We will offer approximately 100 new guitarmonk locations spread into 30 major cities of India. Based on the fact that keyboard and guitar being available in digital, acoustic and electronic format which cover 90% of music inquiries, the market size for the two instruments looks promising and most certainly expanding and that’s why we named our this future model as ‘guitarmonk club’ says Kapil Srivastav.

People with craft to do something creative and also reach to newer and bigger heights, and an eternal self motivation, are invited to be a part of this revolution called Guitarmonk. The opportunity to get associated with Guitarmonk club is not only just a strategy to make monies grow and businesses expand, for us it is also an opportunity to render a better way of life to the society says ‘Kapil’.