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Hobby – Complete Guitar Program (C.R.P.)

A Guaranteed success program

Dear Guitar Lover,

First of all congratulations for your Guitar Dream. Many people aspires for guitar learning dream but only handful of them change it into reality. We are proud to share that guitarmonk Complete Recreational Program methodology has turned out to be a 100% successful guitar learning experience for students. It not not only gives you foundation / grammatical / basics guitar development but also focuses on playing / creating / understanding music on your own so as to make you independent in it. Hence, it guarantees independence to every sincere guitar aspirant by the time they have finished the program, along with students' guitar portfolio.

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How it is successful & guaranteed?complete guitar program-brief

  • Because your batch never break, there is no new student entry, each class is progressive and it implements plethora of processes for your effective outcome from test, feedback, video shoot, assignments etc.
  • Areas of Development - It covers different music aspects as Music Theory | Aural Skills  | Chords Construction | Beats and Rhythms | Fingers Dexterity & Exercises | Lots of Compositions playing. Thus it focus on various aspects of your learning with an independent curriculum for each of them and a layout in mind.

We remind you that this learning is neither just chords or mugging of songs but giving you concepts unlike any other form of guitar learning. It is why this complete guitar program is the brand and exclusivity of Guitarmonk.  It is a methodology and a system recognized worldwide.

Complete Guitar Program also called as C.R.P i.e. Complete Recreational Program – It gives you a return on your time and money by making you independent after 80 hours of planned learning in the form of 40 sessions which is divided in the form of:

  • 4 modules viz. Prelude, Level - I, II, III.
  • Scientific technique via its curriculum (where even exercises are also defined) in the form of 5 parallel branches of development viz.: (Finger Dexterity, Leads, Accompaniment, Grade Tunes, Theory & Concepts curriculum).
  • Classes only once a week for 2 hours during weekends.

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All that in Rs. 300/hour session charge. We recommend you to be part of complete course for a guaranteed success and independence. Want to know more about fee or have any query pertaining to it ? check guitar classes fee logic.

Hold your seat well in advanced as each batch is well-planned, curriculum oriented and has fixed seats only for sincere applicants.


Important things you should read.

Case Studies

Why guitar learning fails? “…I started my guitar learning monthly program at Rs. 1800/month for 2 classes per week. I learnt for 19 months and visited Guitarmonk for advanced learning. I got shocked to see that I was not even at Module 1 level, which they cover in just 20 hours & 2.5 months”.


…I learnt guitar for 4 years as Home tuition for Rs. 1000 per session/class. I applied at guitarmonk for an internship and absolutely failed in the lead and theory part. I told them I gave Rs. 1.2 lakhs (app.)  above as my home tuition fee in 4 years. The only thing I missed was scientific and correct way of learning”.


“…I started straight with chords, no concepts, no theory and I was too depressed that I could play it. I built a wrong finger practice habit which I had to unlearn spending months again. Please note that there is a negative learning that can block your guitar growth forever. Thanks to Guitarmonk!.


guitar-classes-fee-structureHow to Enroll ?

You can either directly transfer the fee at the following Bank Account or you can pay online (button below):

Kotak Mahindra Bank
Account Name: Guitarmonk
Current A/C No. 634011026408
Branch: Shakarpur, Delhi
IFSC Code: KKBK0005292

If you are transferring it via NEFT, then you need to add the above account as a beneficiary/payee and share the transaction id screenshot with us at contact@guitarmonk.com also mentioning the location you chose.

If you are depositing it via cash/cheque, then share the deposit slip/cheque number respectively at contact@guitarmonk.com also mentioning the location you chose.



Either you can fill the standard Contact Form


Email us at contact@guitarmonk.com


Note: By applying/enrolling to our program you acknowledge that you have accepted the Program’s Terms & Guidelines.