8 education facts from 2005 – 2015

8 education facts from 2005 - 2015

Following are the 8 education facts from 2005 – 2015 about guitarmonk:

1.      Re-registration turnout is 90-100% – Guitarmonk re-registration turnout is 90% and above. Students who become part of Guitarmonk, re-connects Guitarmonk and completes 100% of their learning. They become independent and with life-long treasure of knowledge.

2.      Consistent Growth Trend since last decade – Increase in every component of

a.      Enquirers.

b.      Registrations.

c.      Increase in Female Participation.

d.      Increased Centers of Guitarmonk.

e.      New Verticals.

It reflects customer’s faith and goodwill of Guitarmonk across. It also reflects professionalism, commitment to its services by Guitarmonk.

3.      Committed and Professional Brand Image – Quality begets quality, Guitarmonk name recommends commitment, specialization, dedication and quality without any distraction for other services BUT Guitar.

4.      Global Presence – Guitarmonk is searched globally over 175 countries every year and has a quality edge over international institutes. It has its unique methodology and system

5.      More than decade of relationships with its corporate clients (Employee Engagement – 2005 to 2015). – It has maintained its clients for decades now and honored by multinational companies for ‘professionalism’

6.      Honored by all 3 ministries of education, state and health for our social empowerment, health and recreation efforts

7.      Worth of Mouth Goodwill with 100% student-success rate – Beside education and relative facilities, Guitarmonk offer additional services of advisory team, counselors and 24 X 7 back-end-supports. It offers projects, launch platforms and a back up for everything you miss. These are additional cost, not demanded by customers but it’s volunteered by Guitarmonk. It generates overwhelming experience and satisfaction.

8.      Diversified Teaching Experience – Guitarmonk teaches students from all age groups, backgrounds and industry (From 10 years to 60 years +)

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