Guitarmonk Association with Ansal University

Amity University

As a revolutionary step in academic excellence, Ansal University took a quality decision and step to implement music education as also an integral part of academic learning of professional courses.

Guitarmonk Music Curriculum Affiliation with Ansal University for Credit to all students  – They asked for ‘Guitarmonk modules and curriculum’ that will add credits to Academic learning of Professional students having opted for MBA, Hotel Management and other types of courses as Law, Engineering course etc.

Many students from the university has succesfully participated in the program and have attained proper credits in their university  degree, assessed by Theory and Video Performance test.

They also invited Kapil Srivastava for guest music lecture on the 1st day and honoured him with a memento.

Guitarmonk conducts both hobby and credit based courses or university students and often gets invited as Jury by various universities as Amity University and Delhi University.

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