Om Jai Jagdish hare Sheet Music Notations


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What is Sheet Music/Transcription?

Transcriptions are music notations of the composition or in common words also called as Sheet Music. These notations technically polish the music aspirant with the right knowledge of notes (Sur) in a song. The compositions are transcribed in Modern Indian Notations method (C,D,E..). In other words, it is a way to make you play composition in a well defined manner. 

Who is this book/sheet music for?

This book is for anyone whether he/she is a beginner in playing instrument and wants to learn to play a new song or a music teacher who want to teach his/her students or even a musician who wants to perform.

Om Jai Jagdish Hare Sheet Music Notations booklet comprises of:

  • Staff Notations,
  • Modern Indian notations (C,D,E),
  • Tablature (tabs),
  • Chords progressions,
  • With Free Audio CD.

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