Diploma in Acoustic Guitar

Diploma in Acoustic Guitar Course-Program-Beginners-to-Advanced


Guitar is one of the worlds’ most versatile, popular & complete music instruments. It can also play wider styles of music as both Rhythms & Leads whilst also carrying the most captivating / meditative sounds ever.

  • Diploma in Acoustic Guitar program covers from the Zero Stage Foundation in guitar to the Intermediate Stage of guitar playing. Includes all diploma acoustic plectrum guitar lesson Learnrudimentary knowledge covering Basics, Fundamentals Of Music , Exercises , Octaves, Scales, Scales Construction, Chords, Chord Construction, Application Of Chords On Songs, Chord Diagrams, Reading Notations & Charts, Repertoire and Much More….

  • Also includes all the 12 major scales and their relative minor and Circle of Fifth etc.
  • It is meant for students who are looking to accomplish substantial level guitar knowledge for venturing into teaching or performances.
  • This is also one of the eligibility steps towards opening your own music institute, taking paid teaching projects from guitarmonk, managing a centre or applying for guitarmonk franchise; as described in Music Entrepreneurship Program (MEP).


Complete Duration of Diploma in Acoustic Guitar Program is 1 Year.
But you can also apply for the program either Semester Wise or Complete One Year.

Total 80 Sessions

Bifurcated as :

  1. 40 Live Sessions (Online)
  2. 40 Recorded Sessions

Where each Semester comprises 20 Live Session (Online) & 20 Recorded Sessions

Lump-sum (1 Year) – Rs. 72,000 for Indian Residents Residing in India or $ US 1699 for other residents.
Semester (6 months) – Rs. 38,500 for Indian Residents Residing in India or $ US 899 for other residents.



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