Music Therapy/Yoga

Music Yoga Workshop to de-stress, heal and rejuvenate

Its one-of-the-kind workshops for every member of your organization and for any age group.

Attributes of Workshop

Listen to your heart

  • Kinesthetic development through music instrument
  • Balancing through AUM
  • Therapeutic/Devotional Chanting
  • Music Breathing (soft breathing)
  • Ragas for Daily Listening & Meditation
  • Introduction to various musical tones
  • Learn about Stress & Health
  • Daily Musical Dose Gift CD for participants for their home
  • And much more..!

The workshop targets a more relaxed state of mind, catharsis of negative emotions/stress for your employees besides aesthetic appreciation, shared activity and high self-esteem.

Your will also observe changes in areas as better & improved employees engagement, reduced attrition, improved performance and enhanced quality of work, improved team interaction, better feel good factor and work culture, positivism, reduced grievances, reduced tardiness etc.

Call us or email us at for conducting this program in your organization.

Warm Regards

Team – Guitarmonk, New Delhi (India)

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