Therapeutic Ambiance Music Radio

therapeutic ambiance music radio

Guitarmonk Records, among best Indian Record Labels and a unit of Guitarmonk, focuses on preserving definitive arts music, researching on diversified concepts of music therapy and reconnecting the rich heritage, therapeutic values of Indian music to the modern society.

About Need of Listening Music – There are various studies on effect of music activity, music listening activity on brain. Scientific studies has proved that music has a great impact on psychological, social, physiological aspects of human being and listening right music can be de-stressing, therapeutic and healthier to a person as it touches various human emotions and triggers specific muscles of brain. Very few people know that music is now considered compulsory than computers at elementary level in USA.

Most of the engineers at Silicon Valley are practicing musicians. Now a days most of corporate/individuals use it for their company/clinic/office/factory/reception/outlet etc. In various researches, it’s a proven fact that music involvement disallows drugs, road rages and impatient behavior in humans, which is the basis of increased crimes in today’s society.

Listen Complete Ambiance Music playlist here
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