Advance Diploma in Guitar

advance diploma in guitar course career professional


Besides mastering the instrument in a profound manner from a 360 degree perspective. Advance diploma in guitar course opens scope for learners who want career in music and also seek to professionally earn through it.

For a Comprehensive guitar development, the study is divided into 3 years. Each year is further divided into 2 stages / semesters where east Semester is divided into multiple modules containing 100s of topics to be practiced and submitted by student as ‘assignment’ in forum.

Most noteworthy thing to note that the learning mode can also be taken either as online or offline based on discretion of guitarmonk and students interview. Also there will be exam after every semester before going to next one.

So these recognitions are applicable on successful yearly study only and not provided semester wise.

  • 1st Year   | Certificate
  • 2nd Year | Diploma
  • 3rd Year  | Advance Diploma


  1. Western Guitar Repertoire
  2. Ragas on Guitar
  3. Cine / Bollywood Music
  4. Rabindra Sangeet
  5. Generic Study
  6. Staff Notations & Music Theory
  7. Western Classical Guitar (Nylon Strings)
  8. Bass Guitar
  9. Electric Guitar


  • Recording Studio Exposure
  • Video Shoot
  • 4 Units study per annum
  • Exposure to Live Projects also (Internship)
  • Paid Projects opportunity after successful completion


  • Technical Eligibility: Fresher.
  • Who can apply for this program? Advised for everyone be it at School / College / Other Student, Corporate / Also Working Professional.
  • Minimum age requirement – 10 years onward.

Hence, to apply for advance diploma in guitar program

Either you can fill the standard Contact Form or You can also email us at

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