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 Guitar classes in greater kailash south delhi

Parents often wonder whether young kids with their tiny fingers could actually learn how to play the guitar ? Will their arms be strong enough to hold the instrument properly or can their fingers exercise dexterity and pluck the guitar strings smoothly? Sometimes, it’s the parents who are very keen and driven to enrol their kids to a music class, but of course the child’s interests and readiness to take in lessons must also be taken into consideration.

Numerous guitar schools worldwide has kept the age as 13 years or above as the bracket for fast skills development. But, in fact many children as young as 5-6 years old already start learning how to play the guitar. And yes, they are able to eventually learn and play it, though we also have to go easy with them.

We proudly share with you Miss Arshiya Gupta’s experience. She has been taking guitar classes at Guitarmonk Institute in Greater Kailash, South Delhi. And in just 4 months, she has already achieved a lot. By allotting at least 30 minutes of her time practicing daily, she has been able to play the guitar on her own.

Now, she’s able to take out a lot of tunes and has even built a good number of repertoires on her list. She can play the tunes by heart, not just by reading the music book. Indeed, when a child gets to establish a routine and able to exercise time management, not only her cognitive and critical aural kills will be developed but as well as her social, leadership and creative skills will be enhanced too.

Self-discipline and self- control will also be developed within the child with the help of the routine practice and exercises in guitar playing.

The above video was taken for some time already but now she is already very proficient, with stronger muscles and playability. It proves that guitar requires consistent and systematic training, and through practice skills learned will continue to be improved and developed.

Miss Arshiya Gupta, a student learning at guitar school in greater kailash 1, without exemption, also took theoretical and practical exams along with other students who were older than her and she managed to pass them and prove that age is not a hindrance to pursue music and tap one’s potential in guitar playing. Taking guitar lessons can be a fun way for the kids to be engaged during summer breaks or as an extra-curricular activity. Playing music is a better way to break the children’s attention from gadgets or online games that tend to eat much of their time as new technologies are introduced, more children get less time to communicate with other children, even play traditional games. But with the guitar, kids can be creatively engaged and have a tool to meet new friends too by sharing their talents and skills in music.

We also invite you to visit our guitar institute in greater kailash south to consider and introduce your children to music and allow your kids grow with the love for guitar.

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