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music for poor

Music for Poor
Free Guitars & Free Music Education by Guitarmonk Social


Music for Poor, a social charitable campaign by Guitarmonk providing Free Instruments & Free Music Education to hundreds of students.

The vulnerability of the youth makes them an easy target and be lured to commit crime and violence. Music is one plan of action that is something creative and positive for them to
Focus on instead of spending their time on the streets.

Boredom is the most common reason being cited in teenage violence and crimes.

Vipul Shah, a psychiatrist at GSVM Medical College, said: "Lack of adequate opportunities frustrate them to an extent where they use any method to get success. People must understand that these are troubled youth and must be helped."

While criminal lawyer, SC Srivastava stated that, "Since they are young, the judicial system takes a slacker approach to them and that makes them feel invincible. I see a lot of youth getting into crime because they are bored or lonely. The gratification is immediate but disastrous.

Music for Poor by Guitarmonk, focuses on helping at-risk youth to get off the streets and leading them away from crime and violence-filled life can help them secure a better chance for a normal, productive and healthy life.

Being poor or having low socioeconomic status, peer rejection, unstable family environments and poor parenting style factors leads to development of delinquency in youth. All efforts aimed at preventing the youth from antisocial activities and criminal involvement is called Delinquency Prevention.

While some prevention services may include activities such as substance abuse education and treatment, parenting education, family counselling educational support, and youth mentoring or sheltering. But prevention through education can help the youth to effectively interact in social situation as it also promotes economic growth, national productivity, social cohesion and innovation. Education in different dimensions open doors to these kids and encourage them to elevate themselves from poverty and empower them by tapping on their potentials and utilizing their skills by keeping them inspired, engaged and motivated.

If you feel for the cause you can also join us in encouraging this activity in various ways.

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