Professional vs Hobby Guitaring

“I don’t want to be a professional; I just want to learn as hobby sake..!” – Guitar Student

The above is the most common statement we hear many times while admitting a student.

It could be risk to put tag professional until one give at least a decade to music’  –  Kapil Srivastava (Founder, Guitarmonk)

Hobby Playing is a very wrongly used term, it’s more like a shield to no practice, and no commitment but truth is that either one will play it or one will not be able to play it.

Just watch Guitarmonk hobby players performing @ Guitarmonk below @ just 18th hour (Now are they professionals?) –

Hobby just means that you are not earning from it but that is not a compromise or compensation with learning anyhow. Is it that?

“Tarun is in-capable to play a single tune properly in guitar, to show his friends, even after learning for 7.5 months because he says that he is learning just for hobby sake” | And see what actually happens @ Guitarmonk below..!

Should we not let a student play few simple tunes and songs in rhythm in months or years just because one say I am a hobby player or should we deliver half hearted, half committed, half dedicated, half music information  and not even complete rudiments because they say they want to learn for hobby?

You learn English, Swimming, Exercising, Sports or music – or you study Maths, English, Social studies in school doesn’t means that you have to be a scientist, mathematician or musician. Yet you can’t compromise getting success and benefits in it.

All subjects have to be taught and learnt in same way – hobby is not a deformed or under learning – Be it any subject as language English, Swimming, Exercising, Sports or music, the basic learning, the rudimentary education needs same way of deliverance, sufficient basic grammar to know about.

Having Professional Training means – Advanced learning, professional industry exposure, consistent professional industry learning, years and decades of dedication, Time and experience, specialization in skills for making out livelihood and that within the available industry format, opportunities carrying limited, unlimited income scopes.

CRP is a not a professional Guitaring program rather complete guitar rudiments/ understanding and recreation program.

Please note that this program cover complete guitar learning package, advised for every beginner i.e. you will be informed about most knowable rhythms, scales, and self development formulas upto a level to let you become your self teacher.

At last it makes you independent and progressive.

Email at to know more

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