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Guitar Grade Exams

Guitar Grade Exams -Certificate-exam-music


If you are a budding guitarist or musician and seeking career opportunities or freelance projects in music. The time has arrived to test yourself.


Hold your guitar, judge yours playing skills and apply / target projects at diversified platforms. Yes today, you can also seek returns from your guitar playing by placing yourself to diversified industry platforms.


Especially relevant that Guitarmonk is also volunteering to bridge the demand and supply in rising music jobs in India by upgrading, qualifying and bringing up musicians / music scenario to fulfill corporate demands. Being the largest & dedicated guitar education brand of India, our methodology and curriculum gets followed by students across 18 countries. So, guitarmonk certifies Music Students, Learners, Musicians and Teachers with 4 Levels of Certification as –

  • Beginner’s Level Certified Guitarist
  • Intermediate Level Certified Guitarist
  • Advanced Level Certified Guitarist
  • Guitarmonk Pro Level Certified Guitarist

Above Certificates are only applicable presently for Plectrum Styled Acoustic Guitar Playing.  Students cannot directly apply for intermediate and advanced certification without clearing the previous grades.


  • Beginner’s Level                                                –             Rs. 3250
  • Intermediate Level Certified Guitarist         –             Rs. 3750
  • Advanced Level Certified Guitarist               –             Rs. 4250
  • Guitarmonk Pro Level Certified Guitarist   –             Rs. 5550

EXAM FEE APPLIES – Examination, book, courier charge & other administration processing charge involved in the facilitation of the same. This exam no where guarantees placement from guitarmonk but is the first step to apply for education projects in guitarmonk. It also makes you eligible to take pertaining module classes at guitarmonk. Only Guitarmonk certified applicants are considered for academic projects. In addition it also recognizes you with Certificate of the particular module and furthermore a associate you as the Certified Guitarists list at Indian Guitarists Union. Having more than 41 schools across India and expanding to 40+ cities empowering education opportunities, giving preference to Guitarmonk Certified Guitarists only.

And if you don’t clear, no worries, you can re-apply for the examination. You can also opt for Various Guitarmonk Courses be it offline or online.

BENEFITS & OPPORTUNITIESguitar-grade-exams

If you want to apply for teaching assignments at guitarmonk, it is mandatory to complete Beginner Level Certificate successfully and attain minimum 200 hours of internship at Guitarmonk. However experienced Teachers (with minimum 10+ years of teaching experience), need to attach their experience certificate and students feed-backs / report of minimum 500 hours of training and references.


Most noteworthy point to note that unlike other private names like Trinity, ABRSM, Rock school and several others. Guitarmonk, with the help of Indian Guitarists Union, also gives the privilege of Paid Music Projects be it teaching, performance etc. Also helping candidates with projects and scope of additional income up to Rs. 3 – 5 Lakhs per annum as part-time / freelance in addition to what they are currently earning.

Various Guitarmonk Certified teachers are also doing projects across India be it Bangalore, Delhi-NCR, Panchkula, Hyderabad, Pune, Ahmedabad, Indore and various cities.


  • Therefore, anyone can apply for examination without any gender, age criterion. For less than 18 years, parents / guardian needs to apply.
  • Mode of Examination – Online / Offline.
  • Duration of Examination – 1 hour each (Theory & Practical).
  • Pass Marks & Exam Results – 70% as passing marks. Result within 4 weeks of giving exam.
  • Certificate – within 2 weeks of the declaration result via courier / visit at Center.

Hence, to Apply for Guitarmonk’s Grade Exams email us at Or You can fill the standard Contact Form

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