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Guitar Degree Gets Higher

For those who don’t do the usual, there is always an extraordinary option and especially for this rare breed Guitarmonk has come with an unconventional offering. The pioneer in providing new models andmusic opportunities to masses, Guitarmonk has introduced Bachelor Guitar Degree program. This is a skill development program with which a student can easily […]

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research and development

Research and Development

Guitarmonk Education Research and Development – is a parallel wing of guitarmonk working for more than a half decade to improvise, adapt and overcome these education & professional gaps for guitar lovers.  In the process it has mile-stoned various models, curriculums, thousands of case studies, education system and associations which brings out an Indian USP and […]

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Guitarmonk Association with Ansal University

As a revolutionary step in academic excellence, Ansal University took a quality decision and step to implement music education as also an integral part of academic learning of professional courses. Guitarmonk Music Curriculum Affiliation with Ansal University for Credit to all students  – They asked for ‘Guitarmonk modules and curriculum’ that will add credits to […]

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8 education facts from 2005 – 2015

Following are the 8 education facts from 2005 – 2015 about guitarmonk: 1.      Re-registration turnout is 90-100% – Guitarmonk re-registration turnout is 90% and above. Students who become part of Guitarmonk, re-connects Guitarmonk and completes 100% of their learning. They become independent and with life-long treasure of knowledge. 2.      Consistent Growth Trend since last […]

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Economical Guitar Classes fee

GUITARMONK – ECONOMICAL GUITAR CLASSES FEE (PRIVILEGED SEATS) Sometimes enquiries show concern about Guitarmonk fee but the reality is that ‘WE HAVE THE MOST ECONOMICAL GUITAR CLASSES FEE IN INDIA’. They confuse and compare paying monthly vs. paying for whole year learning. Rs. 300/ hour approximately with plethora of facilities – Guitarmonk charge Rs. 300/hour approximately as […]

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GUITARMONK OFFERS ONLY 150 PRIVILEGED SEATS IN DELHI – NCR Guitarmonk charge Rs. 300/hour approximately as education fee to Privileged Seats. With lots of facilities to its students as teacher, air conditioned class rooms, curriculum, personalized elearn forum, accessibility of location and other dedicated 24 X 7 support with academic facility of examination, test, projects […]

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