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Online vs. Center Learning

With the advent of technology, there is no much difference between Online and In-visit learning at the Center. It all depends upon your preference and both has its own advantages. Guitarmonk Online is an amalgamation of both some live sessions with the teacher as well as pre-recorded sessions. It means, you are not only just present with the teacher in real-time but can also hear, watch, converse, jam with teacher as you do in real session but pre-recorded also helps those who has a flexible routine.

It covers the same course by same teacher/s in same time. And also provides you with same facilities as roll number, curricula and certificate. The only difference is that you are not part of batch which comprise of 5-6 students at center but learning as (singularly).

***Why we offer Online Session

We offer online session as an extra facility to bridge the learning of sincere students who, due to unavoidable reasons, couldn’t form part of center’s batch either due to flexible routine of work, non-availability of center, no new batch at location, completion of seats at required locations, special cases as pregnancy, sickness or need of customized module.

***Please note – It is only through ONLINE or HOME CLASSES, you can opt for a Customized Module

What is more beneficial SKYPE or CENTER’S BATCH?

It is important to note that GUITARMONK ONLINE learning content is similar to center learning in all teaching method, content, deliverable and training. The 10% difference come is of environment, which is based on priority and aptitude of student. For some student Online learning is better than center learning because it also gives them interaction with teacher as one-o-one, not much scope of missing class , helps them to learn at convenience of home, saves their travel cost, saves their time and gives them choice of customized content.

When should you opt for ONLINE Session?

Please Note – Online learning is a limited seats opportunity. We give this facility to help you avail learning without delay. When the teacher slots are filled, we stop new registrations for Online and then sessions become highly expensive. It is highly recommended that you opt your Online seat on first come first served basis. We recommend you to choose Online session only when you are seeking –

  1. Customized Module
  2. When you are not having any batch at that territory
  3. When you want to learn conveniently and in batch
  4. Convenient Time
  5. You want to save your Travel & Time Cost

Please confirm the admission counselor for availability of Online Seats for your module

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