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Guitarmonk is India’s first formal and largest chain of guitar schools spread across from Delhi, Dehradun, Jaipur, Panchkula to down-south to Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune etc. With more than 10000 inquiries every year across demography. Guitarmonk has limited seats and doesn’t cater more than 5% registrations at given point in time to serve quality as well as 99% success rate.

Guitarmonk is the only specialized institution dedicated to guitar. It neither entertains other subjects nor it admits students any time. It operates batch-wise unlike any other institutes with plethora of other attributes as read more >>

Duplicate Institutes and Envious Approach towards Guitarmonk – Many entities/individuals sometimes mislead the guitar inquiry with wrong, dubious, negative information. It is why Guitarmonk presents its reviews now in video format by the students so that there is no question of misunderstanding regarding experience and education of Guitarmonk.

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