International World Guitar Day

World Guitar Day

World Guitar Day is an international day on May 1. From India we are representing, a Guitar Duet by Grammy Winner Pt. Vishwa Mohan Bhatt & Guitarmonk Founder – Kapil Srivastava. This is a cultural representation by us to Global Media and Global Guitar Community from India. 

The music release news will inspire and promote our India’s Guitar Representation to Global Guitar Community as guitarist, which is much behind as compared to western guitar world. This activity will not only represent Indian Guitarists and promote Indian Culture on Guitar but will further help guitarist and guitar teachers with more respect towards stability. 

This subject is going to receive global mileage in TV, Media, Print Media (both nationally and internationally). You can

  1. Rs. 1100Pt. Vishwa Mohan Bhatt & Kapil Srivastava Autographed CD
  2. Rs. 11,000 – Autographed GUITAR GIFT (Pt. Vishwa Mohan Bhatt & Kapil Srivastava) with Autographed CD
  3. Rs. 28,000 – Friend Sponsor in the credit section inside the Video Song at YouTube + Autographed Guitar + Autographed CD + Memento of Honor (as Art & Culture, Promoter)
  4. Rs. 55,000 Above (3) + Credit in National TV in the Video
  5. Rs. 1,85,000 –  Title Sponsor before the Start in the Video in TV, Print Media, Social Media etc. Interview of the Title Sponsor in Social Media + 100 CDs for Gifts under his Brand/Name as Title Sponsor + + Autographed Guitar + Autographed CD + Memento of Honor (as Art & Culture, Promoter)
For Outside India – Shipping Charge will be extra as applicable.

OR YOU CAN DONATE (which will be TAX Exempted under section 80 G)

You can also contribute it under C.S.R. cause through your organization or individually or both.

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